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Ministers and Leaders Who Trust Us

Dr. Medina Pullings and Bishop Orrin Pullings

 Bishop Orrin K. Pullings and Dr. Medina Pullings

United Nations Church

Dr. Sharon Nesbitt

Dr. Sharon Nesbitt

Dominion World Outreach Ministries

Dr. Sharon Nesbitt

Pastor Mike Signorelli

V1 Church

Dr. Sharon Nesbitt

Danielle Williams-McCord

DWM Ministries

Frequently Asked Questions

What Video Formats Do You Accept?

Videos MUST be in horizontal orientation
You must have video available in mp4 format (NO EXCEPTIONS)

What video length is required?

NOTE: No church services with worship music is allowed,  make sure to submit  just the sermon.
Videos should be a minimum of 15 minutes long

Video Maximum Length is 1hr and 45 minutes

Do You Offer Refunds?

Please NOTE that all sales are final unless content is not up to standard and is rejected by our review team.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Kindly log into your user account and navigate to the subscription panel, you can cancel from there right on the website.

Do You Offer Post Production Services?

Yes, we have a team of video editors that can help you improve your video clips at a very affordable price.

What are your Video Quality Requirements

Videos Must be professional quality videos
We do not accept cell phone recorded videos
Videos need to be clear and with good lighting